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Thursday, 8 March 2007

Stir-fried chilli veg with rice n' peas

Hmm. An interesting way to spice up this lazy pile of dreary, proteinless, quasi-Asian mess. The chilli and Reggae Reggae Sauce will have blended together to create some nice heat. Often we hear that RRS is hotter than people expect. What did you think Levi meant when he said it 'puts music in your food'? It's hot, you idiot.

What's that white crap though? Mayo? Throw it out. There's only room for one sauce in your eco-fridge.

Apart from that, this meal is healthy and natural. Looks like a nice combo of french beans, broccolli and a light smattering of courgette. Sweet. If that's brown rice, it's full marks for health. Dr Gillian McKeith would be proud of you, if she wasn't so busy rummaging through your 'business'.

Verdict: A hot and healthy 7/10.



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