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Friday, 13 April 2007

Reggae Reggae Sauce launch party announced - 20th April, London

Reggae Reggae Sauce creator Levi Roots has announced that the official Reggae Reggae Sauce launch party will be next Friday night at Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton.

He'll be there, performing with the Dub Asante Band. There'll also be speeches and a Reggae Reggae buffet, served up by the The Roots Rasta-raunt.

There will also be 'special guests, from The World of Media, Entertainment and Business'. Peter Jones will be there. And maybe Jordan will turn up? Or Neil and Christine Hamilton?

We can't make it (dammit) but there will be some blog spies in attendance. If you're going, we'd love to hear about your night!

Get your tickets at www.reggaereggaesauce.com.

Bubba's barbie blowout - Reggae Reggae Sauce-o-rama

Please indulge our continuing obsession with Bubba Chunk and his lovely food diaries. For Bubba has surely created a spectacular barbecue spread.

This fellow is one crazy Reggae Reggae Sauce lover. It's on everything!

We're pretty sure he cleaned his barbecue with it afterwards too. Mind you, he can afford to - Reggae Reggae Sauce seems to be in relatively ample supply in his neck of the woods...

Share some with us, would you Bubba?

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Tropical fruit Bubba-licious

Our new bestest pal Bubba Chunks is one helluva Reggae Reggae Sauce fan. Go check out his food diaries. They are the awesomest thing we've seen for ages. The Chunk eats for England.

He sent us this picture of his RRS-enhanced pizza experience:

His post says it all (and in a gloriously juvenile font to boot):

"... a slice of Goodfella’s Deeply Delicious loaded cheese pizza topped (by myself) with peppers and ham, and I added Reggae Reggae Sauce to dip - it really does go with anything!"

Reggae Reggae drought hits South-West London

See that gap?

Fourth shelf down, on the right?

That's where your faithful friends at Reggae Reggae Blog fill up on sauce.

That little gap's been empty for over a week.

Somebody do something.


Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Putting the 'tang' in Tangmere

Reggae Reggae Blog insider Tash from Tangmere has shared her meal with us via the magical medium of mobile telephony.

It is, and I quote, "loin of port marinaded then grilled served with jacket pot and salad with citrus and poppy seed dressing. Mmm".

Are you Mmm-ing the Reggae Reggae Sauce or your fancy salad dressing, Tash?

Tangy, none the less...

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

We want new jobs drawing cartoons all day

We were in Sainsbury's and bought some red wine. It was to go with our Reggae Reggae prawn curry. Despite not really liking South African wine, we were strangely drawn to Stormhoek.

And when we say strangely drawn, we mean it.

This led us to wonder whether we could make an easy living drawing cartoons for Reggae Reggae Sauce bottles.

We think we could. (Although we know we need to work on our noses. PJ's is way more... Buttony.)

Reggae Reggae Sauce site gets a makeover

Strange things are afoot over at the official Reggae Reggae Sauce website. Levi's original site has been 'recooked' and is all swish, complete with the new bottle and logo and stuff!

Although it's not quite finished, there's a link to investor and Reggaetrepreneur Peter Jones' site, where you can watch his latest management video 'Giant strides from humble beginnings'.

Watch it as soon as you can. We suggest you spend at least 30 seconds wondering why PJ drives around with just under 48 feet of rope in the boot of his Bentley, then about 12 seconds questioning why he chose those socks.

Another joins the campaign...

Someone buy the Cookie Monster a camera, eh?

We invited Cookie Monster to send us pictures of his/her Reggae Reggae adventures. We do that a lot. We're like weird web lurkers, popping up in the comments of blog posts to groom the future generation of Reggae Reggae pioneers. Or something. It's not as weird as it sounds.

Anyway, Cookie Monster sent us this nice message:

"sadly, i dont have a camera at the moment so i cant send you a picture of me dinner, but i can describe it! i decided to mix some of the Reggae Reggae sauce into my mashed potato and i had that with chicken and veggies. it came out quite nice and the sauce a definate kick to it, a touch more spicier than BBQ but good all the same! im now recommending it to all my friends. in fact im going to get meself some mroe bottles when i go in to sainsburys next!"

We feel you, man. Thanks for the eloquent and satisfying writeup. Who needs pictures when you've got words, eh?

Anyone got a camera for Cookie Monster? Want our camera? We'll sell it to you for, like, £30.

Reggae by numbers

Dennis Howlett, author of a blog for professional accountants no less, seems to appreciate a bit a' music in his life.

But has he tried it? And will he share his Reggae Reggae adventures with us? Could this be the start of a following in the professional accountant community? And will that lead to all the professional accountants in the country discovering another life, shipping off to Jamaica and living a life of sun, sand and sauce, devoid of the dull necessity of mathematics?


(Apart from whether he's tried it or not. We think that's a no. Rise to the challenge, Dennis... And share your thoughts.)

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Who needs words when you got pictures