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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Potential Reggae Reggae takeaway site?

We scoured Battersea for potential sites for the imminent Reggae Reggae takeaway. Could this little blue place be it? Note the sold sign, central Battersea location and affluent foot traffic gagging to get a bit of music in their takeaway. Any other suggestions?

Near-molecular gastronomy: all up in Illona's grill

Illona has emailed us with her recipe. It's a cut above most - quite literally people. In her words:

"Just thought I'd share my recipe with you. I got a couple of fresh chicken breasts and put a few slices down them both, not all the way through, just deep enough to help the flavour penetrate. I marinaded them in Reggae Reggae sauce and then put the under the grill. Everytime I turned them I brushed a little more sauce on. Then to top it off I put a few slices of mature cheese over the top and let it melt under the grill. It was delicious. Here's a pic of how the meal looked. I recently improved on this too by adding a couple of strips of crispy streaky bacon over the top. Try it out!"

Seriously Ils, you had us at 'a few slices'. But the cheese and bacon? Total, unadulterated Reggae Reggae GENIUS. And check out the picture... Crispy potatoes! Corn!

What a way to return after a month away.

Verdict: Illona - you get a 9/10. Pure grilled gold.

Monday, 14 May 2007


We admit it. We've been distracted. The ongoing drought of Reggae Reggae Sauce in South West London hit us hard.

At the same time, a friend returned from America with bucketloads of crap to eat. We discovered Miracle Whip, and decided that was our favourite sauce.

But we got bored of its creamy tanginess. We craved the spice. The sweetness. The spicy sweetness. It was the music calling us. The music you only get from one particular sauce.

And then this happened. We are so back.

Reggae sauce man to open takeaway
ThisislocalLondon.co.uk, May 24, 2007

The entrepreneur made famous for his 'Reggae Reggae Sauce' on BBC Two's Dragons' Den is opening a takeaway in Battersea.

Levi Roots, from Brixton, presented his grandmother's recipe for West Indian jerk sauce to the millionaire panel of investors on the business show.

Telecoms boss Peter Jones and Australian private investor Richard Farleigh agreed to pay £25,000 each for a 20 per cent share of his business.

Roots and his family have been selling Jerk Chicken and ribs using the secret recipe barbecue sauce for several years at Notting Hill Carnival.

They only started to sell the sauce itself at last year's event and sold more than 4,000 bottles, which inspired him to take his business scheme to the TV experts.

Reggae singer and chef Levi, real name Keith Graham, strummed his way into the Den initially willing to give up only 20 per cent of his business.

His takeaway is due to open in the next couple of weeks, although no date is yet confirmed.