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Thursday, 15 March 2007

eBay auction update: RRB reader makes contact with the buyer

The £7 bottle of standard, Sainsbury's stocked Reggae Reggae Sauce is holding steady on eBay.

A Reggae Reggae Blog reader contacted the current highest bidder to see what the HELL they were up to.

Here's the response they got:

I am keen to purchase this item.
I probably mistyped £7.00 instead of 4.00.

Of course! Silly us! That makes total sense. Thanks for clearing that up...

(By the way, if any of you lot really want to go on eBay and spend ridiculous amounts of money on some RRS, go here. All proceeds go to Christie's, which helps the Christie Hospital in Manchester diagnose, fight and help people with cancer. Far more sensible than buying a normal bottle for just because some scammer's conned you into it! Lesson over.)


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