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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Panic! Panic! We're over the deadline!

In small print on your Reggae Reggae Sauce bottle it says:

"Once opened, refrigerate and use within 5 days."

Look at the dates of the post on this blog. We're now six days old. It's the SIXTH day. The bottle's not finished. Dear lord, what have we done?

Quick! We need some options:

1. Tip the remaining Reggae Reggae Sauce down the sink, consigning the music to the London sewers forever. Buy another bottle and ensure future RRS servings are larger to reflect the five-day deadline.

2. Carry on and finish the bottle regardless, risking life and limb (and the possibility of mild food poisoning) in an attempt to save money / not waste any saucy goodness.

3. Leave the sauce in the fridge and glance at it nervously from time to time, stuck in a fraught and harrowing limbo over whether to go with options one or two.

4. Keep the bottle that started it all as a) an experiment to see what happens when Reggae Reggae Sauce goes bad and b) for posterity.

5. Invent time travel.


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