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Friday, 13 April 2007

Bubba's barbie blowout - Reggae Reggae Sauce-o-rama

Please indulge our continuing obsession with Bubba Chunk and his lovely food diaries. For Bubba has surely created a spectacular barbecue spread.

This fellow is one crazy Reggae Reggae Sauce lover. It's on everything!

We're pretty sure he cleaned his barbecue with it afterwards too. Mind you, he can afford to - Reggae Reggae Sauce seems to be in relatively ample supply in his neck of the woods...

Share some with us, would you Bubba?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My supply is very ample since I cleaned out Sainsburys in Oldbury today! Check out my stash on BubbaChunk.com !!

14 April 2007 at 00:08  

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