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Sunday, 18 March 2007

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K (well, the Fulham Sainsbury's actually)

"Just been for my weekly shop down at the Fulham Sainsbury's," says Reggae Reggae Blog reader and fellow South West Londoner T-Bone. "And there was no sign of Reggae Reggae Sauce anywhere. Perhaps it was once where that gap is on the bottom shelf? If not, where the hell is it?!"

Thanks for bringing this to our attention T-Bone. We'll look into it straight away and get back to you. But first, as is customary on these occasions, some theories:

Has the Fulham Sainsbury's let the side down and refused to stock RRS? Do they think their proximity to the trendy Kings Road means they're too good to put some music on the shelves?

Or do Levi and Peter need to up production at the Reggae Reggae plant to meet consumer demand?

We shall see.


Anonymous Disgusted of Twickenham said...

I can confirm this disgraceful state of affairs. I have just returned from my fourth visit to secure a bottle of RRS and... nothing. Plenty of other sub-standard pretenders - the sauce equivalents of rola cola - but no RRS. I can feel a complaint to the management coming on....

20 March 2007 at 13:29  

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