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Sunday, 18 March 2007

The Clo show

Our new friend Pesky Clo over at Plump Fiction has shared her experiences of marinading chicken in Reggae Reggae Sauce. We admire her brevity, honesty, and use of nice pictures.

She's said we can publish them too, so in our book she's well cool. Go Clo.

The least we can do in return is give Clo a review of her meal. Here goes...

The main thing we love about your meal, Clo, is the wide colour palette. From the turquoise plate (we used to have one that looked EXACTLY the same at college! It even had that chip on the edge!) to the green beans, orange chutney, beige cous cous and the vivid reds, blacks and browns of the Reggae Reggae chicken, we're full just looking at your dinner.

It's pretty healthy too. Almost a perfect carb / protein / fibre ratio. We even forgive you for using another sauce for dipping as we like mango chutney so much. Fine work.

If we were going to give you some constructive feedback, though, we'd suggest you improve on the presentation. Those beans could be in a nice criss-crossed pile, or at least all facing the same way. And that cous cous is just a splat. Tut tut. Ever head of a timbale?

Verdict: Rustic, both in flavour and presentation. 8/10.


Anonymous Vero said...

My husband's got that same plate too leftover from University... It's got that same chip on the edge too.

I think they may have fooled you, the plates were made that way!

Wicked blog btw :) I'm a reggae reggae sauce lover as well, and will be checking supplies in our local Sains in a moment. They better have some left, I'm going to need it for BBQing chicken on Sunday since the weather looks about ready for that first season bbq!

30 March 2007 at 16:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word up Vero. Published your comment. Do you have a blog we can link to? We'd love to.

Let us know if your local Sains-berries has got some. Ours doesn't, and we're pretty miffed about that. We're with you on the BBQ too - it's time to dust off the old Outback, scrape off last year's grease and start eating meat on sticks again! YES.

Keep us posted on how you get on.


30 March 2007 at 20:17  

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