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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Important operational upgrades to the Reggae Reggae Blog

OK people, listen up. This is a customer service announcement.

Firstly, we've bought the web address www.reggaereggaeblog.com. It just redirects to the Blogger site for the time being, but means you can pass on the web address more easily. For example: "Hey dude! This is some SPICY chicken! Make sure you email pics of it to Reggae Reggae Blog Dot Com!" See? It's easy. (For all you nerds out there, our RRS feed stays the same.)

Next, we've got a new email address. It's got something to do with buying the web address, but we won't get technical on you. It's sauce@reggaereggaeblog.com. Feel free to use it to send recipes, share your feelings about RRS, or tell us about any personal problems you may have.

And lastly, we've got a Skype handle! Yay! You can chat with us LIVE from Reggae Reggae Blog HQ whenever you need us. For ANYTHING. Even to just swear at us if you like, or talk about ketchup. It's... Wait for it... 'reggaereggaeblog'. Neat eh?

Lesson over. Back to work.


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