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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Food for Thought lets the laziness shine through

Oh joy! Our friends over at Food for Thought have shared their Reggae Reggae meal with us! It's a wonderful combination of Reggae Reggae marinaded chicken and mashed potato. And they've even managed to make their mash so it doesn't look like scrambled egg. Now that's talent.

And so to the review.

In one word, we'd describe this dish as 'elegant'. There is no room for misunderstanding. As Ihsan from Food for Thought says: "My housemate just used it as a lazy dinner, and marinated the chicken with the sauce before baking it an oven at 200 C. Nothing too special, meh."

Excellent. We salute your housemate, Ihsan. They grabbed a bit of chicken, added some music, cooked it for a bit, and served with some mashed potato. It's this kind of simplicity that's missing from modern cooking. And life, if we were being honest. And there are so many convenience meals out there that take just us long but fill your constitution with nonsense. Not here - Reggae Reggae Sauce is as natural as it gets. Meh.

Verdict: Honest, quick and lazy. Just how we like our housemates. 8/10.




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