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Monday, 26 March 2007

Pepper Hot - a love song by Don

Don has sent us another poem. This time it's more of a love song. What a legend.

Pepper Hot
by Don

Levi makes sauce hot n fiery and spouts rhyme like Tipper Ire
We love the spicy flavour it’s the only taste to savour
Me girl she like it hot…At one forty nine! It hit the spot.
When first it hit her lips, lord it make her wind them hips
It’s such a full blown taste it make her rock that lickle waist
Wid reaction such as this, its me girl me want to kiss
She say dog you gettin frisky, that reggae reggae sauce worse than whisky!
It makes you loose your head like when you slip into me bed
I say girl I’m at full throttle…she said “we need another bottle!”
She say step out to de store.. If you wanna get some more
I say girl I like your chat…She say bwoy it not like that…
I just need one more bottle to get me goin at full throttle...
She leave me chompin at the bit. Man, now she got a taste for it!
I say girl I’m only human and this pepper needs consuming
She say bwoy you know the measure if you want some of this treasure…
Damn I wish I could buy more from that bloody Sainsbury store.

Later that day

Hi there…Is that your “Buy it now” price…How many bottles have you got??


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