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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Reggae Reggae Sauce factory lays off 179 jobs

G Costa, the manufacturer of Reggae Reggae Sauce, is laying off 179 workers through the closing of two factories in Wales. It's moving them to Poland.

Two points.


My local Sainsbury's Local is out of Reggae Reggae Sauce, and has been for two days now. Far from laying people off, G Costa needs to be hiring. A LOT of people. TWO DAYS! And by the sound of many other people across t'internet, many Sainsbury's stores are out of stock too. Think about it - customers with money are making their way to a supermarket to buy something in particular. Lots of people are finding the shelf empty. We are not at war. We are not in a desperate recession. There is NO REASON why decent, honest folk clutching £1.49 that want to put a bit of music in their food should go without. This is BAD. So bad I'm using CAPITAL LETTERS.


When crappy chav-cap maker Burberry wanted to close its Welsh factory, all manner of irritating celebrities popped out of the woodwork to jump to its defence. Why is this not happening yet for Reggae Reggae Sauce? Why hasn't Floella Benjamin, Rusty Lee, Ainsley frickin' Harriott or all manner of other artistes with a vague love of spicy Caribbean sauce jumped on the campaigning bandwagon? C'MON PEOPLE!

I'm done.


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